Two hundred and twenty-two years, five Constitutional amendments, seven federal laws, multiple Supreme Court rulings, and the lives of thousands of people—that’s what it took for American citizens to gain our right to “one person-one vote.”

But since 2010, in states with Republican majorities, legislators have methodically made it harder for citizens to exercise that right. Even the Supreme Court, in 2013, struck down key protections in the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Today, many states have laws that impose strict photo ID requirements, impede voter registrations, and cut back on early voting. Many states, including North Carolina, have also gerrymandered voting districts to the point where electing a Democrat is virtually impossible.

The Dare County Democratic Party intends to turn the tide against these ongoing Republican assaults. We stand firmly behind each individual’s right to influence the course of America by voting. We oppose laws that curtail the votes of minorities, and we are working to restore bipartisan balance in the state legislature.

We encourage you to visit these pages whenever you seek the latest information on voting or the candidates for office. But most of all, we implore you to exercise your right to vote. . .to vote in every election. . .and to vote Democrat.