Tommy Fulcher

Tommy Fulcher for NC House of Representatives

Running For NC House

I was born and raised in North Carolina and I love our State! I attended public schools and worked in both rural and urban communities. I’ve experienced first hand the stark differences between these two North Carolinas.

Rural North Carolina has been poorly represented and underserved by the state legislature. Eastern North Carolina continues to lose ground and fall further behind as growth and prosperity is overwhelmingly concentrated in a few urban counties.

We deserve better than that. We deserve forward thinking and independent leaders who will actually work for us in the General Assembly. As your representative, I will fight for high quality public schools, affordable health care for all, safeguarding our unique environment and ensuring free and fair elections. This is my pledge to you.

Issues Tommy Cares About

Reduce Cost and Expand Access for Healthcare

Healthcare is too expensive in our state. In fact, North Carolina is one of the most expensive states in the country for healthcare. People with private insurance plans face rising premiums and out-of-pocket expenses every year. While others have no insurance at all. Our people work too hard to not have access to healthcare and affordable insurance.

Tommy supports Medicaid expansion to cover hundreds of thousands of hardworking North Carolinians. Expansion will lower overall healthcare costs for everyone. This investment will create thousands of good paying jobs and will strengthen the economic viability of our rural hospitals.

No single action by the General Assembly would be more transformational for rural North Carolina than expanding Medicaid. Furthermore, it is simply the right thing to do.

Restore Public School Funding

Public education is the fundamental building block of our economy and society. Every student in North Carolina deserves access to a quality education and we owe every child a fair chance at success in life. Our public school system is the cornerstone of that promise.

In rural North Carolina many public schools are in desperate need of investment in maintenance and capital improvements. Teachers and students are also being shortchanged on school supplies and textbooks.

Over the last 10 years our state has witnessed a shrinking commitment to public education by the General Assembly. Tommy will work to restore education funding and invest in our schools and teachers by fighting for a state budget that fully supports our public school system.

No OffShore Drilling – Ever

Pamlico, Hyde, Dare and Currituck Counties are home to some of the most unique and treasured coastal environments found on Earth. Our economic engines – farming, fishing, forestry and tourism – can only thrive through our continued commitment to safeguarding our water and land resources.

Tommy will work tirelessly to protect our coastal environment and preserve our unique way of life by resisting any and all reckless attempts to allow offshore energy exploration or drilling.

Politicians Shouldn’t Choose Their Voters

Partisan gerrymandering has resulted in extreme polarization and a total distortion of the democratic process. Voters have become increasingly distrustful and cynical about government and our politics. A healthy democracy requires an informed electorate and open exchange of ideas through robust debate.

Tommy pledges to work for the establishment of a non-partisan redistricting process after the next census to ensure new district lines are fairly drawn resulting in more competitive elections.