Tess Judge

Tess Judge for NC Senate

For NC Senate

Tess Judge is a successful businesswoman and respected community leader with a passion for public service. Tess is running because she wants to do her part to ensure the people of Northeastern North Carolina have exceptional educational opportunities, better access to health care and more money in their pockets.

She will be a tireless representative who will listen to all people across the eleven counties in Northeastern NC and will advocate on their behalf.

Tess has spent years running successful small businesses - through good times and bad. She is well aware of how vital fishing, farming, and tourism are to District 1, and has the experience, resolve, and skills needed to represent the individuals who work in these industries while protecting the land and water resources needed to make their businesses viable.

Issues Tess Cares About

Tess knows that while our economy has worked well for some, there are far too many who struggle to make ends meet. 

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, many businesses and families throughout Northeastern North Carolina now find themselves anxious about their short and long-term financial future. 

Tess will work tirelessly across the aisle to influence policies that impact this district’s economy, and those who rely on it for their financial well being. 

She is well aware of how vital farming, fishing, tourism, and all local industries are to District 1, and will be steadfast in representing the individuals who work in these industries and protecting the land and water resources needed to make their businesses viable.

Education is the cornerstone of a thriving economy and a healthy society. 

In Raleigh, Tess will champion excellence and safety in our schools and work to ensure every public school in District 1 has the resources needed to provide its students with the education they deserve. This includes providing our children with the best quality facilities and resources both inside and outside of the classroom. Equally important is that our community and technical colleges, as well as our state universities, receive the funding and resources needed to best serve their students and prepare them for a bright, professional future.

Tess will work hard to ensure our hard-working teachers receive the pay and training necessary to stay in North Carolina and educate the next generation.

Being a good steward of our natural resources is crucial to our quality of life. This is why Tess strongly opposes seismic testing and off-shore drilling, which could have devastating consequences on our economy and environment. We must support growth and development with balanced and well-thought-out guidelines that are fair and ensure sustainability.

We have seen too many attempts, over the last few years, to restrict North Carolinians’ access to the ballot. Courts have sided with the people, finding discriminatory intent in these laws. 

In Raleigh, Tess will work to guarantee fair access to the ballot for every citizen in North Carolina, because she believes the right to vote is a fundamental right every American deserves.

Too many North Carolinians lack access to quality health care. That’s why Tess supports expanding access to healthcare to every person in Northeastern North Carolina. 

In Raleigh, Tess will work every day with legislators of both parties to find real solutions to the threats faced by our rural hospitals and health care facilities. 

Some of the most pressing health issues for the citizens of this district are mental health and substance abuse. Tess will advocate for policies that increase resources to expand access to mental health care, including real solutions to expand access to mental healthcare, a crucial component of treating addiction.

To ensure our economy thrives now and well into the future, Tess will work with her colleagues in Raleigh to pass legislation that makes our bridges, roads, and waterways more resilient while maintaining and protecting our coast and farmland.

Infrastructure in the 21st-century also means providing broadband access to every community in the district, especially for school-aged children and small businesses. 

This will attract new businesses to Northeastern North Carolina and create new jobs for its citizens.