A healthy democracy relies on rational laws, equal justice, a sound economy, and responsible government. But the one thing that holds a democracy together is the people’s trust.

Today, many elected leaders are betraying that trust. Untrue statements, groundless attacks, and devious politics are dividing our union and corrupting the principles that underpin a free society.

How do we protect ourselves and the nation from the harms of unscrupulous government? We get smart. We learn how our local, state, and federal governments work. We track the issues, gather the facts, and share them. We watch what our elected officials do and how their actions affect us on the Outer Banks. In short, we become well-informed citizens—capable of voting in the nation’s and our own best interests. Maybe we even run for office ourselves.

The Dare County Democratic Party strives to protect the interests of our county, bridge the political divide among its people, and preserve the core values that have long sustained our community. Take a look at our platform, and see what we stand for. Then join us in the effort to turn the tide and rebuild the people’s trust.