Kathy McCullough-Testa

Kathy McCullough-Testa for Dare County Commissioner

For Dare County Commissioner

As your County Commissioner, Kathy will fight each and every day for every resident of Dare County. We know that we need to do things differently if we want change and progress. Kathy will be that change by bringing compassionate, visionary, and inclusive leadership to the table. She has a strong history of building partnerships to strengthen and support our community.

Kathy will work hard for all of the citizens of Dare County. She will fight to preserve our rich history; tackle the issues that we face in our unique coastal environment; and rise to the challenges of planning for our future to ensure that Dare County government is transparent, accessible, equitable, and works for each and every one of us.

Kathy’s platform focuses on the economy, education, and Dare County’s unique coastal environment. This race is about us – the residents of Dare County. It is to preserve, protect, and enhance our beautiful home; provide opportunity for everyone that lives and works here; and develop and implement a bold vision to ensure Dare County stays strong for generations to come.

Issues Kathy Cares About

Dare County is known for her natural beauty. Her long stretches of sandy beaches, maritime forests, clean air, and open spaces are the reason we chose to live and work here. We are a true sound to sea community. Kathy will fight to preserve, protect, and enhance our home by protecting our beaches; opposing offshore drilling and seismic testing; researching ways to reduce flooding and stormwater runoff; protecting our water supply; expanding recycling and composting programs; expanding our green spaces, parks, and trail system; and preserving our fishing and seafood industries. 

Kathy is the daughter of two public school teachers and a proud graduate of public schools. Kathy strongly supports our public schools, our community college, public libraries, and our public universities. As your county commissioner, she will fight to make sure that our public schools are fully-funded; teachers receive the resources and worker protections that they need; our students are safe and secure at school with the educational, nutritional, and emotional resources that they require; and our community is a full partner in our schools that our tax dollars support. Kathy will work regularly with our school board and school leadership to make sure Dare County’s schools provide a strong foundation for all of our students. 

Dare County is our home. Our economy doesn’t function without its people. For many of us, it is a daily struggle to live and work here due to the unique nature of our seasonal economy. Kathy believes that each and every one of us should be able to raise our families and enjoy all that our county has to offer. Kathy will work for an economy that gives our workers a living wage; provides for workforce housing in all of our communities; offers a healthcare system that truly serves everyone; reduces the costs of basic necessities for local residents; provides a secure and fast broadband infrastructure; addresses transportation and safety needs; expands access to each and every resident to our government by providing a voice for every member of our community.