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Josh Stein NC Attorney General

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Josh Stein has the experience and values the people of North Carolina need in their Attorney General. Josh has consistently taken on powerful interests to protect families. Just as he has his entire career, Josh is putting the people of North Carolina first as Attorney General.

Josh was sworn in as North Carolina’s 50th Attorney General on January 1, 2017.


To live our lives to the fullest, we must first be safe and secure at home and in our communities. The Attorney General protects families from crime by prosecuting cases, overseeing criminal appeals, operating the State Crime Lab, and assisting local law enforcement.


Almost all businesses are run by hard-working, conscientious people who play by the rules. However, a few unprincipled companies are all-too-ready to break the rules and engage in deception or fraud. In doing so, these bad actors hurt the consumers they rip off, as well as their business competitors that do things the right way.

Clean air and water are a critical part of North Carolina’s quality of life and a source of our economic strength. The Attorney General plays an important role in protecting the public’s interest in these natural resources.

As Attorney General, Josh has ensured that companies in North Carolina meet our state’s environmental regulations. When companies have polluted our precious natural resources, Josh has not hesitated to take them to court. For example, the NCDOJ came to a historic agreement with Duke Energy in January 2020 resulting in the excavation of nearly 80 million tons of coal ash in North Carolina. 

Attorney General Josh Stein knows that healthcare is a top priority for many Americans. Access to healthcare can be a matter of life and death and is absolutely crucial in the effort to build a stronger North Carolina. During his time in office, Josh has consistently fought to protect the Affordable Care Act, maintaining health insurance coverage for hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians. 

Promoting public safety has been a priority for Josh Stein during his first term as North Carolina’s Attorney General. 

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