Jenna Wadsworth

Jenna Wadsworth

For NC Agriculture and Consumer Affairs Commissioner

Since 2010, I have been beyond grateful to serve as a Wake County Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor, and I am thankful for your help in making this possible. I was elected Vice-Chair of the Board in 2015 and vigorously took on a greater scope of responsibilities as a member of the District's leadership. I have been working with our Chair, fellow Supervisors, and staff to enhance engagement of landowners and farmers in our conservation programs, to raise awareness of our environmental education work in our schools, and to increase the effectiveness of our working relationships with other local Districts and state-level staff in order to better serve agricultural and water quality needs here at home.

We've done so much, but conservation needs a champion throughout our great state. That's why I'm excited to take the next step to serve ALL of our communities from Murphy to Manteo by running to be your next Commissioner of Agriculture.

I hope you'll join our journey to bring effective and lasting leadership in agriculture and conservation to all of North Carolina.

Issues jenna cares about

Climate change is real, and we must build resiliency into our farm plans. ​Writing a relief check should not be our only solution to dealing with natural disasters.

Expansion of new crops and diverse revenue streams, including the promotion of hemp and cannabis legalization.

  • ​helps to combat the effects of trade wars being entered on the Federal level
  • can help to increase economic opportunities, specifically for our farmers and our rural communities
  • can allow for re-investment in infrastructure needs, especially in rural parts of our state
  • a chance for achieving true social justice, specifically for communities of color which have been overwhelmingly criminalized on possession charges versus Caucasian users
  • an opportunity to begin to combat the opioid epidemic
Environmental Education, especially in our public & private schools.
​We have two of the best land grant research institutions at our disposal. NC State and A&T are capable of helping us research sustainability and food science in a way that can bring us into modern times.
  • ​specifically in regards to the beer, wine, and spirit industry
  • agritourism operation support so that farms and agribusinesses can have diverse revenue streams and longterm operational success