Jen Alexander

Running For NC Board of Education

My vision for Dare County Schools is that we not only provide the education and guidance necessary to prepare our students to go out into the work world and/or to continue their education in college and beyond, but also to empower them with the support to enable them to confidently achieve their goals.

My vision is focused on the safety, well-being and success of our schools. I believe that we have an affirmative mandate to our children, their families, our community members and businesses in Dare County to equip our children to be critical thinking, contributing members of not just our community, but to the world at large for the greater good.

Jen Will:

Bring a needed perspective to the Board of Education

As a person who has children who currently attend our schools and she is a mental health professional with a long-standing knowledge and understanding of our community.

  • Do we all want our schools to be safe.? ABSOLUTELY! One attribute in my skill set as a mental health professional is my cognizance of the challenges associated with meeting the social/emotional support needs of all children in our schools. School safety and understanding the root causes of threats to it go hand-in-hand. I’ve discussed school safety at length with our Sheriff and am grateful for the collaborative relationship between local law enforcement and our schools.
  • Mental health is an important yet often overlooked aspect of school safety. My professional experience as a mental health professional in our community gives me valuable understanding and expertise to help guide school safety policy. I believe we should work towards being on par with the recommendations of the relevant professional organizations regarding ratios of mental health professionals to students.

Advocate to increase the transparency of the Board of Education

  • Did you know that our Board of Education doesn’t stream or publish recordings of meetings? I think we need meetings to be available live on digital cable, streaming on devices or to watch meetings online like our county and municipal governments offer. This would be a simple way to increase transparency and community involvement for our fellow citizens who may be working and can’t make the 5 p.m. meetings. I advocated for this last campaign and will continue to do so on the Board when you elect me. I will listen and represent your interests. You can count on me to bring ideas and to advocate for more transparency and access on the Board of Education.

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