From the moment Republicans took majority control of local, state, and federal governments, decades of progress started being reversed. Since then, Americans’ have seen reductions in job protections, health insurance, education, civil liberties, safety-net programs, opportunity assistance, and environmental safeguards.

If ever there was a time to become politically aware and active, now is most critical.

Speaking out works. It worked when countless concerned people emailed, called, and visited their federal representatives to stop harmful legislation. It worked as thousands of activist groups sprung up and more than 500 peaceful protests took place per month.

Perhaps most dramatic has been peoples’ increased participation in government. They influenced Democratic Party and local government decisions. Scores of people ran for office in 2017, and droves of volunteers helped deliver victories.

Dare County Democrats encourage you to get involved and make a difference. Your voice matters, your presence is wanted, and your work can turn the tide toward a better future for everyone.