Elected Representatives

The elected officials listed here serve you. The Dare County Democratic Party encourages you to contact them about issues that matter to you.

Although the contact information below is thorough, not every official has information about every form of contact. If you have trouble contacting a particular official, email us at info@daredemocrats.com, and we’ll try to connect you.

Roy Cooper, III
Governor (D)
Phone: 919-814-2000
Email: https://governor.nc.gov/contact/contact-governor-cooper

Mark Robinson

Lieutenant Governor (R)
Phone: 919-814-3684
Email: https://ltgov.nc.gov/contact-0

Our congressional representatives have offices within the state as well as in Washington. You can find all office addresses, plus phone and fax numbers, at Contacting Congress.

Richard M. Burr
U.S. Senator for North Carolina (R)
Phone:  202-224-3154
Fax:  202-228-2981
Email:  https://www.burr.senate.gov/contact/email

Thom Tillis
U.S. Senator for North Carolina (R)
Phone:  202-224-6342
Email:  https://www.tillis.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/email-me

Greg Murphy
U.S. Representative for North Carolina, District 3 (R)
Phone: (202) 225-3415
Email Greg

Bob Steinburg
NC Senator, District 1 (R)
Phone: 919-715-8293
Email: Bob.Steinburg@ncleg.net
NCGA website

District 1 (R)

Bobby Hanig
NC Representative, District 6 (R)
Phone: 919-733-5906
Email: Bobby.Hanig@ncleg.net
NCGA website

District 6 (R)

Robert Woodard, Sr. (R)
Chairman, District 2 – Nags Head, Colington, Kill Devil Hills
Email: woodard@darenc.com

Wally Overman (R)
Vice-Chairman, District 1 – Roanoke Island & Dare County Mainland
Email: wallyo@darenc.com

Rob Ross (R)
Commissioner, District 2 – Nags Head, Colington, Kill Devil Hills
Email: rob.ross@darenc.com

Steve House (R)
Commissioner, District 3 – Kitty Hawk, Duck, Southern Shores
Email: steve.house@darenc.com

Jim Tobin (R)
Commissioner, District 1 – Roanoke Island & Dare County Mainland
Email: jim.tobin@darenc.com

Danny Couch (D)
Commissioner, District 4 – Hatteras Island
Email: dannyc@darenc.com

Ervin Bateman (R)
Commissioner, District 5 – At Large
Email: ervin.bateman@darenc.com

David Twiddy, Chairman
Represents District 5 (At Large)
Term: 2022 – 2024
PO Box 2503, Manteo, NC 27954
Home: (252) 473-3827
Cell: (252) 473-7533
Fax: (252) 473-2778
Email Mr. Twiddy

Susan Bothwell, Vice-Chair
Represents District 2 (Nags Head, Colington, Kill Devil Hills)
Term: 2020 – 2024
PO Box 1833
Nags Head, NC 27959
Cell: (919) 696-4873
Email Ms. Bothwell

Mary Ellon Ballance
Represents District 4 (Hatteras Island)
Term: 2020 – 2024
PO Box 756
Hatteras, NC 27943
Cell: (252) 305-2685
Email Mrs. Ballance

Frank Hester
Represents District 1 (Mainland & Roanoke Island)
Term: 2018 – 2022
PO Box 457
Manteo, NC 27954
Cell: (252) 489-0847
Email Mr. Hester

Margaret Lawler
Represents District 3 (Kitty Hawk, Southern Shores, Duck)
Term: 2018 – 2022
81 Gravey Pond Lane
Southern Shores NC 27949
Home: (252) 261-5482
Email Mrs. Lawler

Joe Tauber
Represents District 2 (Nags Head, Colington, Kill Devil Hills)
Term: 2018 – 2022
PO Box 2003
Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948
Home: (410) 491.9735
Fax: (252) 255-0631
Email Mr. Tauber

Carl Woody
Represents District 1 (Mainland & Roanoke Island)
Term: 2020 – 2024
124 Raleigh Wood Drive
Manteo, NC 27954
Cell: (252) 305-9265
Email Mr. Woody

Email all Town of Duck Council Members: TownCouncilEmailList@townofduck.com

Don Kingston, Mayor
Phone: 252-255-4817
Email: don.kingston@townofduck.com

Monica Thibodeau, Mayor Pro Tem
Phone: 252-207-7739
Email: monica.thibodeau@townofduck.com

Sandy Whitman
Phone: 252-715-1186
Email: sandy.whitman@townofduck.com

Rob Mooney
Phone: 646-489-4458
Email: rob.mooney@townofduck.com

Tony Schiano
Phone: 252-255-2771
Email: tony.schiano@townofduck.com

E-mail the KDH Board of Commissioners as a group: boc@kdhnc.com

Ben Sproul, Mayor
Cell: 252-202-8837
Email: ben.sproul@kdhnc.com
Term Ends: December 2021

Terry Gray, Commissioner
Cell: 252-256-1064
Email: tgray@kdhnc.com
Term Ends: December 2021

Ivy Ingram, Commissioner and Mayor Pro Tem
Cell: 252-256-0423
Email: ivy.ingram@kdhnc.com
Term Ends: December 2023

B.J. McAvoy, Commissioner
Cell: 252-715-0267
Email: bj.mcavoy@kdhnc.com
Term Ends: December 2023

John Windley, Commissioner
Cell: 252-902-4345
Email: jwindley@kdhnc.com
Term Ends: December 2021

Send an email to the members of the Kitty Hawk Town Council.

Craig Garriss, Mayor
Phone: 252-261-4922
Email Mayor Garriss
Term ends December 2025

Jeff Pruitt, Mayor Pro Tem
Phone: 252-207-9055
Email Mayor Pro Tem Pruitt
Term ends December 2025

Lynne McClean, Councilwoman
Phone: 252-202-9672
Email Councilwoman McClean
Term ends December 2023

David Hines, Councilman
Phone: 252-573-9547
Email Councilman Hines
Term ends December 2023

Charlotte Walker, Councilwoman
Phone: 321-466-3744
Email Councilwoman Walker
Term ends December 2025

Bobby Owens, Mayor
Email: bowens@manteonc.gov
Term ends December 2023

Betty Selby, Mayor Pro Tem
Email: bselby@manteonc.gov
Term ends December 2023

Darrell Collins, Commissioner
Email: dcollins@manteonc.gov
Term ends December 2023

Tod Clissold – Commissioner
Email: tclissold@manteonc.gov
Term ends December 2023

Eddie Mann, Commissioner
Email: emann@manteonc.gov
Term ends December 2025

Sherry Wickstrom, Commissioner
Email: swickstrom@manteonc.gov
Term ends December 2025

Ruth Stetson, Commissioner
Email: rstetson@manteonc.gov
Term ends December 2025

Email Nags Head’s Entire Board of Commissioners

Ben Cahoon, Mayor
Email: Ben.Cahoon@nagsheadnc.gov
Term ends Dec 2023

Mike Siers, Mayor Pro Tem
Email: mike.siers@nagsheadnc.gov
Term ends Dec 2023

Renee Cahoon, Commissioner
Email: renee.cahoon@nagsheadnc.gov
Term ends Dec 2023

Kevin Brinkley, Commissioner
Email: Kevin.brinkley@nagsheadnc.gov
Term ends Dec 2023

Bob Sanders, Commissioner
Email: bob.sanders@nagsheadnc.gov
Terms ends Dec 2023

To reach all Council Members email: council@southernshores-nc.gov

Elizabeth Morey, Mayor
Email: emorey@southernshores-nc.gov
Term ends Dec 2025

Matt Neal, Mayor Pro Tem
Email: mneal@southernshores-nc.gov
Term ends Dec 2023

Leo Holland
Email: lholland@southernshores-nc.gov
Term ends Dec 2023

Leo Holland, Council Member
Email: lholland@southernshores-nc.gov
Term ends Dec 2023

Paula Sherlock, Council Member
Email: psherlock@southernshores-nc.gov
Term ends Dec 2025

Mark Batenic, Council Member
Email: mbatenic@southernshores-nc.gov