The Democratic Party is all about people. We stand up for their rights, fight for their liberties, and tackle tough issues that affect the quality of all our lives. We champion the values of inclusion, tolerance, and fairness. And we actively resist the overreach and deception that currently permeate all levels of government.

Essential to our successes are the connections we build—the bonds we form around the human experience we all share. Those connections amplify our voice, strengthen our arms, and support our spirit. They make us more potent and powerful.

The Dare County Democratic Party wants to connect with you. We also want to help you connect with party leaders and elected officials to express your thoughts on issues of concern.

Dare Democrats are organized in every part of the county. We are your friends, co-workers, business owners, care givers—neighbors supporting neighbors. Within our fold are liberals, progressives, moderates, and Republicans who lean left on social issues.

We invite you to attend a party meeting and experience our synergy. See why we say, “Dare Dems Care.”