2020 Democratic Candidates

In the 2020 election in North Carolina, registered Dare County voters will cast ballots for the offices listed below. 

Elect the Best Candidates Dare County

NC Senate
Tess is running because she knows the people of Northeastern North Carolina deserve a tireless representative—one who listens to constituents, and advocates on their behalf.
NC House of Representatives

Tommy will expand affordable health care, restore public school funding to benefit our students, protect our environment – no offshore drilling, and promote fair redistricting.

NC governor

Roy Cooper will invest in our public schools and give students the tools they need to succeed, creating good jobs and raising incomes for the middle class, and strengthening our communities.

Dare County Commissioner

Kathy will fight each & every day for every resident of Dare County. We know that we need to do things differently if we want change & progress. Kathy will be that change by bringing compassionate, visionary & inclusive leadership to the table. She has a strong history of building partnerships to strengthen and support our community.

Danny brings a heart for all people of our shores and a wealth of knowledge of the history, heritage, social traditions and inner workings of county government to be one of the hardest working members and most knowledgeable on the board.
Amanda is running for county commissioner to bring diversity to our governing board. With years of experience in community boards and a lifetime of experience working on the water, Amanda is prepared to bridge wisdom and innovation on behalf of our county.
Dare County Board of Education District 1

Bea’s long career as a classroom teacher at Manteo Elementary School enabled her to see first-hand the valuable and challenging experiences Dare County teachers offer every student. If we all work together we can ensure the highest quality education for all our students.

Dare County Board of Education
As a parent of Dare County Schools students and as a mental health professional, Jen Alexander wants to bring a unique perspective to the Dare County Board of Education that is not currently represented and increase transparency on the Board.
Dare County Board of Education At-Large

Charlie has lived in the Outer Banks for 20 years and worked as a mailman in Kill Devil Hills for over 10 years. While working as a mailman he would leave children books in the mailboxes for new families and has always cherished education. Charlie wants to help children learn and grow, and would appreciate your vote!

Other NC Candidates

United States Senate
Cal Cunningham is an Army veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, business leader, and former legislator who served as Vice Chairman of the Governor’s Crime Commission. He is running to serve as North Carolina’s next United States Senator.
NC Superintendent of Public Instruction

A public education should be the ultimate opportunity for every child in North Carolina, no matter what neighborhood they live in, or what they want to be when they grow up. That can’t happen without smart, equitable investment in our diverse school communities.


Jessica Holmes has spent most of her professional career as an advocate for workers as a labor and employment attorney. Holmes has a track record of supporting job creation as a county commissioner and attracting businesses with a diverse pool of talent.


Born in Trenton, North Carolina, Daryl Farrow a father, role model, and a man of character and integrity who will fight for you.

NC Lieutenant Governor

Representative Yvonne Lewis Holley was born in Raleigh and was part of the changing south. Early in her life, she learned the values of hard work, dedication, and honor.

NC Secretary of state

Since taking office, Elaine has cut the costs of doing business in North Carolina—helping small businesses create jobs and enabling free enterprise and capital formation. She has led the effort to reform North Carolina’s lobbying laws. Elaine remains committed to making public information transparent and accessible to businesses, investors and individuals. 

NC Attorney General

Josh Stein has the experience and values the people of North Carolina need in their Attorney General. Josh has consistently taken on powerful interests to protect families. Just as he has his entire career, Josh is putting the people of North Carolina first as Attorney General.

NC agriculture & Consumer Affairs Commissioner

Jenna was born in Raleigh but grew up on her grandparents’ farm in Johnston County, which raised corn, soybeans, tobacco, cattle, cotton, and hogs. In November 2010—at the age of 21—Jenna made history with her election to a four-year term on the Wake County Soil and Water Conservation District Board of Supervisors by becoming the youngest woman ever elected to public office in North Carolina. 

North carolina auditor

Beth has worked as a Certified Public Accountant for 30 years, and for the past 22 years she has worked in the State Auditor’s office, including her three terms as North Carolina State Auditor. Beth will work every day to protect all of our tax dollars.

North Carolina treasurer
Ronnie’s background as a business strategy professor at Duke University, adviser to some of the world’s leading organizations, and White House economic adviser to President Obama has prepared me to do this job. Ronnie wants to be your next Treasurer to improve the lives of all North Carolinians.
Nc Insurance Commissioner and fire marshal
I look forward to sharing my vision for North Carolina with voters across the state during this election cycle. I hope to have an opportunity to have a conversation with you along the way.

NC Justice & Judge candidates

supreme court chief justice - seat 1

With 20 years of experience on the bench, Cheri Beasley believes all North Carolinians should have access to swift and fair justice, no matter who they are or where they live. That’s why she’ll continue working to make our court system more transparent, fair and accessible for every North Carolinian.

supreme court associate justice - seat 2

Judge Lucy Inman has served in courtrooms across North Carolina for nearly a decade, first in the Superior Court and now on the Court of Appeals. Her record shows that she always follows the law and treats every person in court equally, fairly, and with respect.


appeals court judge - seat 4
Tricia is running to bring the Court the experience, talent, intellect and work-ethic to give every case the individual attention that it deserves.
appeals court judge - seat 5
Lora C. Cubbage will bring Integrity, Fairness, Competence, and Respect to the bench, and your vote will ensure that those same qualities remain on the Court of Appeals.
appeals court judge - seat 6
Gray has lived and served in North Carolina his entire life. He has litigated cases, appeared before local governments, or helped develop infrastructure projects in every part of the state. He loves North Carolina and its people and hopes to now be able to serve them as a judge on the Court of Appeals.
appeals court judge - seat 7

Judge Reuben F. Young was appointed by Gov. Roy Cooper to the North Carolina Court of Appeals on April 15, 2019. Judge Young is an advocate for justice for all North Carolinians. We need his continued service on the North Carolina Court of Appeals to ensure justice for all.

appeals court judge - Seat 13

Chris has received numerous recognitions for his contributions to the community and the legal profession in the state. He was inducted into the James E. and Carolyn B. Davis Society upon his graduation from Carolina Law and was subsequently honored as the school’s Outstanding Recent Graduate.