Pass the ERA

Please pass the ERA!

whosays1Maybe some people simply don’t understand the Equal Rights Amendment.  Here’s what it says:

Equality of rights” (sounds fair)

under the law” (good, we need laws)

shall not be denied” (whew!)

or abridged” (whew again!)

by the United States or by any state” (including NC)

on account of sex.” (men and women are different but they deserve equal legal protection)

That’s it.  Twenty-four words that should have been made an addendum to the United States Constitution years ago.


Basic, human rights must be guaranteed at the national level if we are to be the country we say we are.  Rights of free speech, of worship, of trial by peers—these are basic to our identity and sense of fairness.  They are principles that bind us as a nation.  Without those guarantees, fifty different states can go fifty different ways in legislating what should be our fundamental, unquestioned, equal rights.


Our state got halfway there in 1977 when the NC House voted to ratify ERA, 61 to 55.  Unfortunately, the Senate did not.

Nationally, we’re just three states short of ratification..  A call for passage of ERA is now a part of the NC State Democratic Party platform. Happily, there is new energy in NC among young women and men to finally see this important work done.


Alice Paul wrote the Equal Rights Amendment in 1923.  A lot has—and has not—happened since then.  For excellent information and ways to take action, visit: and

Later this year, look for an important new book and film titled “EQUAL MEANS EQUAL”