Statement on Plastic Bag Ban Repeal

The repeal of the plastic bag ban by the North Carolina Legislature is a clear demonstration that the leadership is more interested in doing the bidding of corporate lobbyists than honoring the clear will of the people.   State Senator Bill Cook and Rep. Beverly Boswell voted to repeal the ban in clear opposition to the voice  of Dare County voters.

The plastic bag issue was not partisan in Dare County; our Republican led County Commissioners opposed repealing the ban, as did all the affected municipal governments in the county as well as the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce and many other local groups.  The only opposition to the bag ban came from outside the county from  the NC Retail Merchants Assoc.  Lobbyists for large chain retailers.

The plastic bag ban helped Dare County’s economy and environment.   It was a positive community statement about our values.  We do not want litter and pollution in Dare County.

The Dare County Democratic Party calls for a local referendum on the plastic bag ban.  We urge the Dare County Commissioners to give our voters the voice that the legislature refused to listen to.

Further, we call for a statewide ban on single use plastic bags.    We do not like litter and pollution in Dare County and don’t think believe our state should be burdened with it either.

Melissa Midgett Dickerson, Chair Dare County Democratic Party.


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