Filing to Run for Municipal Office

Candidates seeking to file for the 2017 municipal elections will be able to file their notice of candidacy at their county board of elections starting at 12:00 noon on Friday July 7, 2017 and ending at 12:00 noon on Friday, July 21.

To file, a candidate will need to submit a Notice of Candidacy to their county board of elections either by mail or in person during the filing period. Filing forms are available at the NC Board of Elections website two weeks before filming starts.  The filing form and the requisite filing fee must be received by the county board of elections before the filing period ends.

Seats up for Election

Duck – All 5 Council seats – (incumbents Donald P Kingston, Mayor, Chuck Burdick, Nancy Caviness, Jonathan Britt, Monica Thibodeau Council Members)

Kill Devil HIlls –  Mayor and 2 Commissioners (incumbents Sheila Davies Mayor, Travis Appleman and Michael Midgette Commissioners)

Kitty Hawk – Mayor and 2 Council members (incumbents Gary Perry Mayor,  Craig Garris and Jeff Pruitt Council members

Manteo – Mayor and 3 Commissioners (incumbents Jamie Daniels Mayor, Christine Walker , Martha Wickre, Richie Burke Commissioners)

Nags Head – Mayor and 2 Commissioners (incumbents Bob Edwards, Marvin Demers and John Ratzenberger Commissioners)

Southern Shores – Mayor and 1 Council members(Tom Bennett, Mayor, Leo Holland Council Member)

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