Message from Jim Harris

Jim Harris of Manns Harbor sent the message below to Sen. Chuck Shumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.  We encoruage you to send your message to both these leaders and to our US Senators and Rep. Walter jones.  Contact information follows Jim’s message

In a few days, The Congress will be asked to pass an interim spending bill and to increase the national debt ceiling. This at a time when it is becoming increasingly clear that President Trump has lied to the American people about three key issues in his campaign: 1) payment for the wall between the US and Mexico; 2) repealing the Affordable Health Care Act; 3) releasing his tax returns. The President is being aided and abetted in the deceptions by a feckless Republican Party whose leadership puts party ahead of country.

The only institution standing between the middle class and a declining standard of living is the Democratic Leadership in Congress.

If our Commander in chief is shown to be constantly untruthful and pays no consequences for this dishonesty, the full faith and credit of the United States will be put into jeopardy. All of us will suffer as a consequence, unless of course, you happen to be a billionaire. The Democratic leadership needs to take a strong and uncompromising stand on these issues to reshape the tone at the top of America’s Government.

First, not one nickel of US taxpayer money can be used to build a wall along any border. Second, no bill repealing the Affordable Health Care Act can be introduced into either the House or the Senate unless the replacement legislation provides equal or better coverage to those currently insured under the existing legislation. The vote to approve any such legislation must 60 votes in the Senate. Third, no tax reform legislation can be introduced into the House or the Senate until President Trump has released his tax returns for the past five years.

If the Republican leadership in Congress and the President do not agree to these conditions, the Government should be shut down. After all, the only way to drain a swamp is to remove the water.

Thank you for your consideration. Good luck and be strong.

Email Sen. Schumer

Rep. Nancy Pelosi Phone  202 -225-4965

Email Sen. Burr Phone 202-224-3154

Email Sen. Tillis Phone 202-224-6342

Email Rep. jones.  Phone: 202-225-3415

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