Teuta’s Christmas Story As A Refugee

This holiday season and the battle in Aleppo, sent me back to the 90’s when my country, Kosovo was going through war.

aaeaaqaaaaaaaav5aaaajgq1mtriyjk3ltqxntctndfjms04nmy2lti2ymzlzdc5mgu1mqWe, Kosovo Albanians were forced out of our homes. The entire city was being forced to walk, or bike to the border with Albania for ethnic cleansing purposes. I had an old Yugo with food, clothing, drinks and medicine but the Serbian soldiers got tired of walking by our side, so they kicked us out of the car and took my car with everything in it. No food, no drinks, no warm clothes, and no medicine. We had swollen feet from hours of walking and feared of getting beaten, killed, or raped if we didn’t give them money.
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