Tess Judge To Stand For Her Husband’s Seat

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Today the North Carolina Democratic Party House District Executive Committee for State House District 6 held a meeting to name a replacement nominee after the passing of Warren Judge this weekend. The committee voted by acclamation to name Warren’s wife, Tess Judge as the Democratic nominee for House District 6. Warren Judge’s name will remain on the ballot. If the voters elect him, his wife Tess will serve out his two year term.

“Warren Judge leaves behind a legacy of public service and compassion for the people and communities he served,” said Elizabeth Morey, Campaign Manager for Warren Judge for NC House. “The campaign appreciates the outpouring of love and sympathy we have received during this difficult time. The lives Warren touched and the impact he had on Dare County are immeasurable. Our campaign intends to honor that legacy by continuing to campaign and give Warren one last chance to make a difference for the people and community he loved.

Today, Warren’s devoted wife Tess accepted the nomination as the Democratic candidate for House District 6. Tess’s decision was driven by a strong belief that the people of our district deserve to be served the same way Warren would have served them. She wants to help finish the work she and Warren started together more than forty years ago. Tess believes serving Warren’s term is a way to honor his memory should the voters elect him tomorrow. I know Tess shares the same values and ideals that we all respected and admired in Warren and I can’t think of a more fitting tribute.”

“We are proud that Tess Judge will have the opportunity to serve her husband’s term if he is elected tomorrow,” said Kimberly Reynolds, Executive Director of the North Carolina Democratic Party. “This vote also assures voters that a vote for Warren Judge will go to someone who couldn’t be more committed to honoring his legacy and reflecting his values – his loving wife Tess”

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