A Message from the Chair

The Dare County Democratic Party congratulates the winners of the 2016 election.

We are proud of all the work that all our candidates put into their campaigns without resorting to negative advertising. There aren’t enough words to express how honored we are by their willingness to toss their hats in the ring in an effort to serve our county, state and country with humanity, humility and a knowledge of the issues..

Volunteers spent countless hours greeting people at the polls, making phone calls, canvassing, and other campaign chores. Please know how much both the party and individual candidates appreciate that incredible support.

And the most special thank you has been earned by Tess Judge who, even in dealing with the sorrow of losing our beloved Warren Judge, put her own reality to the side so that if he won, she would assume the seat and continue his work.

God bless and guide America.

Fountain Odom
Dare County Democratic Party

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