Worried about fracking, teacher pay or the economy? Maybe you don’t think trying to keep voters from voting is a good idea? Whatever your concern please know that there is only one way to effect change: by winning elections.
We need you to help us win in November. We need volunteers at all skill levels and all time commitments. No matter how busy you are or what you like to do, we have a way you can help.
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We can use everyone but we have some specific needs

  • Communications Head

If you have skills in media, PR and general communications, we need you! You’ll create messaging about our party and our candidates and promote them via print, social media, public forums and whatever else you can dream up.

  • Voter Registration Team Leader

This is the perfect position for someone who knows their way around Dare County, can register voters in every nook and cranny so citizens can vote their best interests in November. Marion Midgett has kicked off the season with a sign-up table at First Friday in Manteo. We need someone who can plan, organize and support this kind of effort county-wide. Nothing can guarantee our winning like cultivating new voters – and it’s something we can do NOW.

  • Canvassing Leaders

Later this summer, we must start making calls and knocking on doors. Team leaders are needed for both these efforts, to plan, organize and recruit volunteers.


Dollars help too!!

If you just don’t have time right now but want to help you can make a contribution by supporting our building fund;
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No Fracking By Ari MooreCommentary by Susan Harman-Scott
Wells Fargo & Company, both the largest home mortgage lender in the United States and a major lender to the country’s second largest producer of natural gas, Chesapeake Energy Corp., refuses to make home loans for properties encumbered with natural gas drilling leases.
Some of those who signed leases for drilling so-called coal-bed methane in Colorado and then experienced problems ended up with losses on their homes that reached 85 percent. In some instances, property owners merely situated near drilling and production have suffered. A Pennsylvania couple was recently denied a new mortgage on their home and hobby farm because according to the lender “gas wells and other structures in nearby lots…can significantly degrade a property’s value.” The owners came to the logical conclusion that if they cannot refinance their own home, no potential buyer would likely be able to get a mortgage to purchase it should the couple ever want to sell.
Others who’ve had their water supply contaminated but could not prove it was due to nearby natural gas drilling are facing a wipeout since their homes are now worth far less than the mortgages on them. Some of those people will simply end up walking away in order to protect the health of their families.

…homeowners insurance almost always excludes damage from industrial operations on one’s residential property, Radow writes. And, that’s what natural gas drilling is, an industrial operation. Even for those who escape the problems of water contamination and human and animal health effects, there remains the ever present possibility of damaging explosions and fires from drilling and production operations. Homeowners insurance won’t pay for that either. How the fracking mess is about to make the mortgage mess worse
– Resilience.org

So these will be damages that the landowner bears without restitution from the state, the fracking operator, or his insurer. How does the current fracking bill and regulation address these issues? I believe that there has been no provision for the damages landowners who do not own their mineral rights incur. We are on our own and I do not believe folks realize this.

The second fracking issue is that I have not been able to find much about any proposed severance tax on removal of the taxpayers’ natural resources. There is some vague reference in the 1945 act, but not a clear rate. In other oil and gas states, severance taxes are hefty and form a large portion of the state’s revenue stream. I would think that our legislators would be trumpeting the potential massive new tax revenue we would realize from the removal of our natural resources. Do they contemplate giving the resources away to these operators with zero taxes? I’ll do a little more research, but Sen. Cook and Rep. Tine should be able to tell you right away what the anticipated tax structure would be for this wonderful new industry taking our irreplaceable resources. However, I am almost certain that they can’t because there is no tax. Some states maintain a fund to pay the taxpayers for damages or even issue a check to every citizen from the tax revenue, as they do in Alaska. Additionally, the fees collected relating to fracking will not go to the county where the resources are removed, but will all go to the state.

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Primary Election Results

May 6, 2014

For more information visit the Dare County Board of Elections website. US SENATE – DEM (VOTE FOR 1) Statewide Results NAME ON BALLOT BALLOT COUNT PERCENT Kay Hagan 330713 76.4% Will Stewart 62035 14.3% Ernest T. Reeves 39968 9.2% SUPREME COURT ASSOCIATE JUSTICE  Statewide Results NAME ON BALLOT BALLOT COUNT PERCENT Robin Hudson 355908 41.5% […]

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Fountain Odom Elected Chair

April 14, 2014

Former NC Senator Fountain Odom was elected chair of the Dare County Democratic Party at the annual convention on Saturday. Odom, who lives in Manteo with his wife, is a semi-retired attorney with a long history of community and public service. Odom will serve as chairman through the party convention in April of 2015. Odom […]

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Did you know: Voting rights

April 14, 2014

Did you know: Voting rights Commentary by Jim Caverly, Chair, Duck NC precinct. Pre registration for 16 & 17 year olds Did you know: On January 1, 2010 HB 908 was put into action allowing 16 &17 to preregister and becoming eligible to vote automatically when they turned 18 160,000 young people statewide were able […]

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2014 Dare County Democratic Party Convention Details

April 8, 2014

The Dare County Democratic Party will hold our annual convention on Saturday, April 12th at 10 a.m. at the Dare Center in the Dare County Administrative Complex on Roanoke Island. A social with coffee and doughnuts will begin at 9:15 a.m.  The convention is open to the public though only delegates elected by their precinct […]

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